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Prostate home test
This is a self-collected laboratory analysis that measures a substance produced by the prostate gland called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Annual PSA testing is a safe and effective aid in the detection of prostate disease such as prostate cancer.
  • Convenient - self-collected at home or office
  • Accurate - Nationally Certified Laboratory results

Notice! This test should not be taken by men who have had their prostate gland removed.
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The Prostate Screen is a laboratory blood test that measures a chemical substance produced by the prostate gland called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Small amounts of this substance can be measured in the bloodstream by the Prostate Screen. Certain conditions of the prostate may raise the level of PSA in the blood and, while elevated levels of PSA are not harmful, they are an important signal of possible prostate disease. The Prostate Screen provides you with an accurate, convenient, and inexpensive way to discover you own PSA level.

The specimen collection process is quick, easy and virtually painless. Using the special lancet (included in the Blood Collection Kit), a couple of drops of blood are taken from a nick of a finger and deposited onto a special collection card. The card is then sent to the Laboratory for analysis. They test your blood sample to see how much PSA is present and then mails the results back to you in an easy-to-read, understandable report.

Since the Prostate Screen produces a numerical result rather than a simple "yes" or "no" answer, both testing approval and professional review of test results are required by professional. If you don't understand the results you just call the customer support number and they will explain your results in details.

A PSA test is only one part of your overall health.